Youth Activities

Our youth program is broken into Middle School (5th—7th grade) and High School (8th—12th grade).

Youth Band

Central’s youth band is not your typical church praise band. High school youth of all musical abilities combine to write, perform, and record original music. Under the direction of Director of Music, Wil Smith, and Youth Director, Bear Redmon, the Youth Band seeks to encourage high schoolers to take a creative and active role in defining worship in their own context. Sometimes songs have deeply religious themes, but more often than not, these songs depict the everyday trials and tribulations of being a teenager in today’s world. Musicians of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to join. Youth band takes place on Sunday afternoons from 1-2 pm following Youth Fellowship.

Youth Fellowship

Central’s Youth Fellowship Hour seeks to empower high school youth with the ability to analyze and develop opinions on complex theological concepts. Rather than teach dogma per se, the Central’s Youth Fellowship Hour combines the perspectives of various faiths, philosophies and disciplines to better understand contemporary issues. So no matter what your background or belief, the Youth Fellowship Hour welcomes you for food (lots!), games, and discussion. Every Sunday from noon – 1 pm. Contact youth director, Bear Redmon ( for more information.

Breakfast Club

Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez would be so lucky to have a Breakfast Club like this. Middlers and children are invited at 9 am for unlimited waffles on the third floor of the church building. Gluten-free options are also available. After eating, youth can take part in devotionals and prayer.

Middlers (5th - 7th Grade)

Once a month the Middlers (5th-7th grade) meet after church for an outing or an activity at the church. Youth gather for lunch together before taking part in activities like bowling, putting together care packages for our elderly or college students, scavenger hunts or a variety of other creative activities inside and outside the church building.


Nothing helps one feel young quite like being around the younger. We are always looking for volunteers to prepare dinners (teenagers eat a lot!) or just hang out with us. Contact Bear Redmon ( if you’d like to help.

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