Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver strives to nurture community amongst the people of the church with a myriad of fellowship opportunities that allow people to connect and challenge one another around topics of interest. Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask. We are always adding new fellowship groups based on what people in the church want.


The children’s programs and ministries at Central Presbyterian Church focus on nurturing a child’s natural hunger for the spiritual. We are eager to make noise, be creative, move around, and be messy. We strive to help the children be searchers, ask their own questions, and support them in finding their answers. Learning doesn't stop in Sunday School.


In the Central Presbyterian Youth Program and Ministries, we're working toward a sense of belonging that isn't easy to find in today's world - creating friendships, warmth and a place for youth that is infinitely comfortable and meaningful. We embrace each and every one of our youth with opportunities that are rich, relevant, and frankly, a lot of fun.

The Somethings

This is a group for all 20- and 30-somethings, single or married, with kids or not, who want to gather informally and get to know each other. We meet for brunch, we gather at dog parks so our dogs can get to know one another too. We hang out at local breweries and talk about everything. Contact us for more information on this group and future activities in our Facebook Group:


Families are a thriving and important part of our community. Whether you are looking for fellowship with other families with young children, parenting resources or resources to strengthen your marriage, you will find classes, groups, organized play dates and educational resources we provide special family ministries for you. More information on our resources for families. Contact us for more information on this group and future activities.

Lay Ministry

Central's Lay Minstry program shows you how you can bring your gifts, talents and skills to help broaden the church’s ministry. For each ministry opportunity in the church there is a ministry description that lays out the importance to the church, benefit to the volunteer, responsibilities, time commitment and duration, needed skills, knowledge or experience, gifts, selection process, and a contact person. Examples of ministry opportunity Teacher for Sunday school, Front Desk Volunteers, and Lenten Chairperson. Contact the church office for more details.

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