Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver strives to nurture connections among people by offering opportunities for adults, families, youth and children to connect to our community and to learn and grow together.

Life Groups

Life groups are small group gatherings designed to deepen our life together. Each one has three commitments: 1) to consider what it means to be “in community”; 2) to pray for one another; 3) to meet on a regular basis to engage in an activity or study.


Families are a thriving and important part of our community. With classes, groups, organized play dates and educational resources, Central’s family ministries provide an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and growth for our entire church family. Contact us for more information on this group and future activities.


The children’s programs and ministries at Central Presbyterian Church focus on nurturing a child’s natural hunger for the spiritual. We are eager to make noise, be creative, move around, and be messy. We strive to help children be searchers, ask their own questions, and support them in finding their answers. Learning doesn't stop in Sunday School.


In the Central Presbyterian Youth Program and Ministries, we're working toward a sense of belonging that isn't easy to find in today's world - creating friendships, warmth and a place for youth that is comfortable and meaningful. We embrace each and every one of our youth with opportunities that are rich, relevant, and a lot of fun.