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Created by Joseph Martell

Pree 'n Pree

The theme for this Pree ‘n Pree’s gathering is “Self Images”. We will explore this theme by creating a Soul Card, an enlightening and often powerful spiritual practice. Participants will be invited to intuitively choose images and words from a table full of magazine cut-outs, to which they are energetically drawn, without having to know why the images or phrases “chose them.” Each person will then creatively assemble the words and images on a half or full sheet of card stock with the intent that the card symbolizes their life in a host of ways, often unconsciously. Each participant will sit contemplatively with their soul card and reflect on how the images and words chosen speak to them in new ways. Each person will have the chance to share in small groups what they see in their own card. Our self images, particularly the ones we are not very aware of, have a profound influence on our lives, relationships, and our spiritual life. Soul cards can be vital gifts of self-understanding and wisdom.

Join us for a Spirit filled and thoughtful dialogue. Refreshments will be provided. Bring a friend or come alone. All are welcome. Pree ‘n Pree curates contemplative space for expansion of the soul through dialogue the arts & sacred literature. For more information contact

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