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About this event:

Created by Kathleen Eckert

Sturgeon Room Gallery Artist’s Reception

Acrylic Painting by Tim Mooney



Tim believes painting is the poetry of the visual world.  It is seen, and a way of seeing; it reveals, and a path of revelation; it is a knowing, and being known.  Painting is communication between artist and subject, a dialogue of courage and playfulness, attention and forgetfulness, freedom and discipline, willfulness and surrender; a dialogue in which the distinction between artist and subject becomes blurred.  He is always surprised by this conversation, by what he says, by what is said, or even only hinted at.  Each painting reverberates with the echoes of banter and silence that created it.  But to say that a painting speaks is saying too much, or better yet, not saying enough, for something is signified visually that cannot be put into words.

Tim’s painting attends to creation and is a way of being created, a practice deeply spiritual, personal, and communal.  Color and texture, line and form signify and mean beyond all naming and intention, pointing within and beyond to the mystery of self, other, world, and spirit.  Painting captures something of life’s essence and sets free.

Tim paints from and with his imagination; inside-out, and hope others in reflection go from outside-in.  His paintings explore the soul’s landscape, attract and repulse the internal portrait, feel abstraction, simplify, or wonder at primary speech or gesture.  He is self-taught.  Experiment and failure, enlightenment and disillusionment – happening constantly – continue to be his faithful teachers and companions that he has learned to trust.

“Last Light”, 48’ x 60”

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