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About this event:

Created by Kathleen Eckert

Learning for Life: Sunday Mornings at 9am in the East Room

Adult Faith Formation at Central asks questions, goes deeper, delights in diverse perspectives, pursues truth, honors all people and trusts God. Expect to be challenged, provoked, inspired, amazed and grateful.

“Sharing Our Faith” is the theme of our Learning for Life Classes on February 17th and 24th at 9am.  The curriculum offers as food for thought this very winsome “personal ad” written from God’s perspective:

Single, loving God, seeks person or persons for companionship and joy in large extended family. Loves nature. Great storyteller and listener. Smart. Savvy. Pet peeves include dishonesty, injustice, and lack of compassion. Willing to make sacrifices. Looking for commitment and long-term relationship. Age, gender, race, circumstances, disability, or previous bad experiences are no hindrance.  Will train.

This curriculum is NOT about turning every conversation into an evangelical entrapment!  It is about being encouraged to share what we have experienced, how we have been touched by grace, how we have been changed for the good, how we have been called out of the familiar and the safe to take a journey of spiritual growth.  These two classes will help us see that the story of our own authentic experience of faith, the ups and the downs, is perhaps the most loving, kind, and powerful way to share our faith.

Led by Louise Westfall and Tim Mooney

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