Intergenerational Conversation with Art

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About this event:

Created by Kathleen Eckert

Learning for Life: Sunday Mornings at 9am in the East Room

Adult Faith Formation at Central asks questions, goes deeper, delights in diverse perspectives, pursues truth, honors all people and trusts God. Expect to be challenged, provoked, inspired, amazed and grateful.

Intergenerational Conversation with Art

When you – whether retired and happily spoiling your grandchildren, a parent trying to balance work and raising your kids, a Confirmation Class youth, or a 4th grader wondering what faith is all about – walk up to the Learning for Life Class on the second floor of Central, you’ll find a table full of art images.  We invite you to choose one image that draws you, speaks to you, intrigues you, or bothers you, and then to spend a little time with this image and listen for what it evokes in you.  Then, in intergenerational small groups, we will take turns sharing what our images mean, and what they might invite us to be and do.  Sounds like fun, right!  See you then!
Led by Tim Mooney and Anne Bond

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