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About this event:

Created by Kathleen Eckert

Women’s Retreat | Our Deepest Identity

Friday, January 21 – Saturday, January 22
Highlands Retreat Center, Allenspark, CO

With vaccine shots in our arms and masks on our faces in public spaces, we will return to Highlands Camp and Retreat Center January 21-22 for the Women’s Retreat 2022!!

At the retreat we will explore our deepest identity, an identity hinted at in Mark 1:9-11, the story of Jesus’ baptism, and described in the beautiful poetry of Psalm 139:13-18. All of us carry around a deep sense of identity that we are often unaware of, and it shows up in our weak moments, when we are not at our best. This is our default identity that was more learned from others than chosen by us. When Jesus said, “You must be born again” or “born from above,” he was pointing to the deepest identity that lies beneath anything we’ve learned, an identity that is ours by birthright. Uncovering that identity, and living through it, sets us free.

The retreat, by design, is experiential in nature, employing contemplative practices and exercises, small group sharing, grounded in nature and contemplative worship. We invite you to experience and live into your deepest identity.

The cost is $60 for the whole retreat; $30 for Saturday only.


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