In-Person Worship

In-Person Worship Information

In-person worship has been suspended through October 4. Check back here or read our newsletter for more information.


We will be re-opened for a simple in-person worship service for 50 or fewer people on September 27; however, it looks very different than our services prior to COVID-19. Worship will be from 9:30-10:00am. Please arrive early to allow time for health screening and check-in. This simple worship service will follow a different format that will limit the amount of congregation participation. There will be limited speaking and no singing by the congregation.

NOTE: Please wear masks to worship as required for public gatherings by Denver County. If you do not bring a mask to worship, one will be provided for you.

All attendees must RSVP for each service and read through all of the guidelines and information below. Our main service will continue to be our livestream service each week. You can find the livestream at We appreciate your prayers, patience, and cooperation as we begin to gather together again.


What Will Worship Look Like?

Please be aware of the following procedures that we will follow before, during, and after the service:

• Parking. Parking will be available in the Star Park lot as well as the Wells Fargo garage as usual.

• Entering & Exiting. Please enter and exit through the marked doors. Ushers will be seating congregants and this will help to simplify the process. Please arrive early and allow extra time for screening and seating.

• Health Screening. A health-screening will be completed prior to entry to the Sanctuary. The screening includes a quick questionnaire and a temperature check. Please bring a mask, as they are required. We’ll have masks at the door as well.

• Seating. We will seat attendees in the Sanctuary six feet apart. Families and couples will be seated together.

• Families with Young Children. Backpacks will be available for children to use during worship and take home with them to be brought back each week. Children will remain in worship with their families.

Each week you can find the RSVP in our e-newsletter and on our website. Thank you for the patience and care you have shown during this unusual season. Please continue to pray for our church staff, leadership, and congregation as we navigate a new way to come together and worship.


General COVID-19 Guidelines for Worship

While we are again gathering at Central for worship, we are not encouraging nor suggesting that everyone needs to be in attendance. While we are mitigating risk, no gathering is completely risk free. We urge each person to take the best precautions you can for your own health and safety. This is especially true if you are in the high-risk category. Please follow the general guidelines listed below in deciding whether or not to attend the meeting in person:

• Medically at Risk. If you are medically at risk or concerned about other family members that could be affected, we recommend caution and viewing the worship service via our livestream.

• COVID-19 Symptoms. Please do not attend if you have any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 including fever or chills; cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; new loss of taste or smell; sore throat. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on the date of your reservation, please stay home and get well! Join us via video instead. You can cancel your reservation at any time.

• RSVP. All those planning to attend, must RSVP so that we can plan for adequate space and social distancing.

• Masks Expected. You are expected to wear a mask when inside the building; all ushers, staff, and pastors will be wearing masks unless speaking from the chancel. We will have masks available for those who do not bring their own. Please wear your mask up and over your nose and mouth at all times.

• CDC Guidelines. Please remember that the following CDC guidelines are still in effect for each of us when we go out:
– Always wear a face covering.
– Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds.
– Disinfect things you touch, and do not touch what you do not have to.
– Avoid touching your face.
– Practice good etiquette when coughing/sneezing.
– Stay at least 6 feet away from others.