Leadership Team

Central to the Presbyterian way is the belief that the people of God are called to be leaders. This commitment manifests itself in a style of representative democracy that is unique in the worldwide church.


Deacons often are called “the heart of the church.” Their responsibilities include service in all ministries of the church, especially caring for the congregation, participating in outreach ministries, and offering hospitality.

Cindy Widdowson

Jo Culbertson

Joyce Coville

Jen Hofmann

Carol Farnsworth

Bruce Heagstedt

Betsy Clark

Marty Jewell

John Detterick

Billie Lusk

Kristin George

Laurie Hergenrader

Schuylar Daniel (youth)


Elders (the translation of the Greek word presbuteros) form a group called the Session, which is the governing body of the church. Session’s responsibilities include receiving new members, leading the congregation in mission, providing for worship and the administration of the sacraments (baptism and communion), offering educational programs, pastoral care and fellowship opportunities, and challenging the congregation in its stewardship of time, talent, and financial resources.

Adam Brown

Zach Warren

Mark Williams

Judy Heagstedt

Celeste Habiger

Jon Dreux

Dave Ramsey

Michael Hofmann

Gary Ringler

Emily Nease, Clerk