Thrife: Creating a Thriving Spiritual Life

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Thrife: Creating a Thriving Spiritual Life

Invitation from Reverend Tim Mooney

Thrife – 3rd Edition: Creating a Thriving Life is here!!!

It’s hard to believe Thrife is about to expand again!  But the response by the participants has been so positive!  They want to go deeper into their creativity, and they are telling their friends to join in on this wonderful journey of recovering and living into our soul’s creative purpose.

Thrife struck a nerve.  It revealed the ways we often live our lives according to what our loved ones and communities value, instead of discovering our soul’s unique gifts and passions.  At first it seemed selfish, but as we discovered what moved us most deeply, we realized we were giving more to our loved ones and our communities, because we were living more authentically out of who we made to be!

You are invited to join in, too.  Made in the image of the Creator, each one if us is creative, and that creativity stretches far beyond the usual categories of artists, painters, dancers, poets, and musicians.  Our creativity shows up as teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc.  As Joseph Chilton Pearce puts it, “We must accept that this creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse itself.”

Thrife – 3rd Edition begins at Noon on Monday April 26 on Central Presbyterian Church’s Facebook page.  We invite you to join us for a 12-week course that will move in you in the direction of your God-given gifts and talents, and move you in the direction of your dreams.

Over this last year Thrife has helped people across the country recover their creative soul!  But it offered a gift unseen!  A vital community formed out of our weekly Zoom meeting at 1pm Mountain Time!  That original community will continue to gather at 1pm.  And a new Zoom gathering will be offered for first-time Thrifers on Mondays at 2pm Mountain Time.

Thrife began as a re-working of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, which was transformative for me when I began to listen to my desire to be an artist 25 years ago.  Thrife continues to grow and change, as I draw from the work of other brave souls who found their way to their creative center, and from the feedback of Thrife participants.  I’m quite excited about this next edition of Thrife!

If you are new to Thrife please email me at, and let me know of your interest in Thrife, or any questions you might have.  Or just show up at Noon Mountain Time on Monday April 19th on Central Presbyterian Church’s Facebook Page for the Live Stream beginning of Thrife – 3rd Edition!

Join us for a deeper Thrife!


Questions? Contact Reverend Tim Mooney,