Investing in the Thriving Future of
Central Presbyterian Church

Central has initiated a capital campaign to seize the opportunity to enhance our mission and vitality. We present a package of building improvements aimed at investing in Central's ability to engage our community. Read more about the projects below, and find out how you can make a difference in this exciting campaign.

Welcome All

A new entrance complements our historic building and makes a major statement of welcome and access.

By bringing the entrance down to sidewalk level, we immediately invite people in and make clear where they should go. Relocating the elevator allows access to all floor levels. The simple and elegant glass entry structure creates a clean distinction between our 1892 and 1957 buildings, and draws visitors directly into our narthex/lobby.

A Space To Serve

By recovering space formerly used as alley parking, Central gains enough room for improvements that serve both congregation and community: expanded and accessible restrooms; expanded hospitality kitchen with a new counter to serve the narthex; reconfigured nursery including a private room for nursing mothers; expanded hallways to create better circulation and wayfinding; enhancements to the Sturgeon Room to accommodate gallery space and a wider variety of events.

Worship & Music

Nothing lifts the spirits more than walking into our sanctuary. The campaign will support improvements that include repair of damaged plaster and paint, improved lighting and sound systems benefiting both worship and concert events, built-in video projection capability integrated into the historic design, new carpeting, and improved airflow.

A New Genesis

An improved environment will strengthen New Genesis’s ability to move residents from homelessness to independence. A new kitchen and exhaust system will create a safer and healthier dining area. Reconfigured air ducts with bring fresh air and better ventilation into this important ministry space.

We Need You!

Over the past twenty years, Central has made some important facility improvements — better classrooms, an improved narthex and nursery and shower facilities for New Genesis among them. But we have previously chosen to pay for those projects with funds from our unrestricted endowment and without capital campaigns.

To learn more, or to find out how you can be part of this exciting campaign, Contact Pastor Louise Westfall at