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Alto Section Leader

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Central Presbyterian Church, a progressive and inclusive downtown congregation, seeks an alto section leader for its Chancel Choir to lead during Wednesday Night rehearsals and Sunday Morning services. The choir sings in services from September through May.


  • Provide singing leadership at all Wednesday Night (7:00-9:00) rehearsals, Sunday morning Services (9:30-11:45), and occasional Saturday rehearsals.
  • Perform solo pieces every 2 months. At the beginning of each season, the section leader will email a list of 4 possible sacred solo selections to the director.
  • Perform solos as part of larger works with choir.
  • Occasionally sing as part of a quartet or other small ensemble as selected by the director.
  • Lead sectional rehearsals approximately once per month.
  • Take attendance of section at all rehearsals and services and follow up with members with an ‘unexcused’ absence. Communicate list to the director with attendance information (including for own for payment) at the end of each month.
  • Take detailed notes on music during rehearsal, and communicate those to any absent member in the section. Maintain regular communication with section members (through email or group text).
  • Occasionally lead full-choir warm-ups and/or rehearsals in absence of director.
  • Create recordings with the director for home-rehearsal of members of the section
  • If absent from a rehearsal or service, coordinate a substitute and let director know of name, email, telephone, and mailing address (for payment) 2 weeks in advance of absence.


  • Excellent sight reading skills
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Comfortable singing a wide variety of styles of music
  • Will not miss more than 3 Sunday Services and 3 rehearsals per 4-month season


  • $60 per call, 2 calls per week
  • Additional payment for Christmas Eve, Easter, and for major works with heavy solos.


Please send your resume to Wil Smith, Director of Music, at

Nursery Caregiver – part time

Job Description

 General Information

  • Regular work hours are Sunday’s from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Additional hours may be available
  • The nursery caregiver works with all ages of children in a variety of our children’s programs and is seen as support staff for these programs working along-side volunteers.
  • The nursery caregiver also may be asked to prep materials for our children’s programs.
  • Each nursery caregiver is seen as a face of the church and should be friendly and welcoming to all parents and church members they encounter.


  • Open up nursery area each Sunday morning getting it ready for children.
  • Greet parents, guide them through the sign in procedure and help to transition children to the nursery or children’s program.
  • Interact with children in the nursery and offer age appropriate activities and proper supervision.
  • Pay close attention to and follow parent/guardian instructions with regards to allergies and other care instructions.
  • Support other children’s programs as directed by the Nursery Supervisor, Children’s Ministry Assistant or the Director of Mission and Faith Formation
  • Clean-up nursery, children’s areas and other rooms as directed prior to checking out for the day.

This position is part-time and hourly. Four (4) hours are guaranteed on a Sunday morning as long as employee reports to work on time. This position reports first to the Nursery Supervisor and then to the Director of Mission and Faith Formation.

Contact Stephanie Fritz at for more information.

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